Spotting a Sociopath: The Top Three Tells – by Dr. Gary Small

Dr. Gary Small

Sociopaths are people who think only of themselves.  They have no conscience or empathy.  Whether it’s an Ernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson, they wreak havoc on other people’s lives.

But what about the everyday sociopath who sneaks into your life and befriends you.  When you discover his true colors, you’re shocked, you feel violated, and you often blame yourself for being duped.  How can you spot these predators before they gain your trust?

First impressions count.  If someone seems ingenuine, they just might be.  Also, watch out for people who seem too good to be true.  Sociopaths often anticipate your needs in order to get what they really want.  Finally, look for typical character traits:  no sense of remorse, short-tempered and quick to blame others, and few or no long-term relationships.

Remember, sociopaths can be smart and even when you’re on alert, they can slip into your life.  Don’t blame yourself, just cut them out and move on.


About Dr. Gary Small

Psychiatrist Neuroscientist Author
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5 Responses to Spotting a Sociopath: The Top Three Tells – by Dr. Gary Small

  1. Mani says:

    What’s ironic is that the hardest part of spotting a sociopath is the pain of accepting that this person that seems to be so interested, engaged, and enamored by you has an ulterior motive. That’s like self-inflicted rejection. Many would rather postpone that and continue to live in denial.

    Thanks for the 3 Tells!

  2. Michael says:

    it might be more accurate to state that the psychologists/psychiatrists that have seen them, have been unable to detect them experiencing empathy or utilizing a conscience.

  3. Michael says:

    or do they objectively not have a conscience and objectively not experience empathy? did they do an empathy and conscience test in a lab, and none could be chemically found?

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