Serial Addiction – by Dr. Gary Small

Dr. Gary Small

When we think of addition, alcohol or drugs usually comes to mind, but a person can get addicted to almost anything they enjoy:  food, tobacco, sex, gambling, the Internet, or even videogames.

Some people have addictive personalities.  When they “kick the habit” of one thing, they simply move on to something new and get addicted to that.

In The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head, a woman who has an eating disorder overcomes it.  Then, her shopping gets out of control, and she just can’t stop until she moves on to something else.  This kind of serial addict usually exhibits the same behavior patterns regardless of the object of their current addiction:  They crave the experience all the time, have withdrawal when they can’t get it, are secretive and defensive about the behavior, and the addiction interferes with everyday life.

Anyone who’s struggled with addiction or dependency, should be aware of the possibility of becoming hooked on something new.


About Dr. Gary Small

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One Response to Serial Addiction – by Dr. Gary Small

  1. Lee Miller says:

    An article in the Macomb Daily dated March 4, 2012 stated “Small’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Program ( offers great daily mental workouts that combine word-play, letter scrambles, 3-D drawings, tricky equations, logic challenges and number sequences”.
    I cannot find the link to the above mentioned mental workouts. I was on the home page but do not find any of the above.
    Please forward the link.

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